"The inner mechinations of my mind are an enigma" - Patrick Star

Well that's just silly.

I drank some iced chocolate so my mood has greatly improved :)

The following post was not created to offend anyone. Hey, if terasa, sorry.

Lets talk facebook personality quizzes / whatever it is. Memang macam2 kan kat fb? Kenali sifat berdasarkaan tarikh lahir, bulan lahir, favourite colour blabla yada yada. So far, the funniest that I've ever seen on fb was something like kenali sifatmu berdasarkan posisi duduk. Huh? Oh! You mean by how I'm sitting down right now? See, that's just silly! I know I know, these quizzes are just for fun, to pass the time because you're bored and you have nothing else to do. But think about it, berdasarkan posisi duduk? Wtf? That got me thinking about how I sit down during certain situations, and what I think they mean (or reflect in my personality or..something). Dipersilakan my blobby friends to illustrate different sitting positions.

Plus, Im experimenting with colours and shading. It's not very good, cos I've never been very good at colouring. BUT THIS IS FUUUUUNNN, God bless photoshop ;D I love the effect, eventhough it's kinda messy.

*my fave is the angry one hehehe

Unrelated, i just got a funny message from someone I dont know. It says "Yo. Ah tu say he sleep at 1am yesterday wo.."

I wonder what does that even mean?