"The inner mechinations of my mind are an enigma" - Patrick Star

Chuckie Finster

I was really struggling to figure out what to draw. I draw this then Im like "oh, this is inappropriate" or "I DONT CARE ANYMORE" or "this is too depressing" so I decided to do this;

To do a short survey, and draw my answers. Pfht, I don't know. I usually ask my friends what to draw, but I've never felt so lonely today. What, is everyone leaving me?

1. Sometimes I just need .... A hug.

2. Sometimes I want .... to sing out loud until someone threatens to end my life. (i rarely sing in front of people)

3. Sometimes I like to ... say weird things to see how people would react.
this was from a real conversation I had with Leech. I'm the yellow blob, leech is the pink blob.

4. When I'm sad, I want ... to cry.

Haha aku dah penat. Its 1 am right now. Nak pegi sambung baca buku Stephen King and layan perasaan sorang2. Laytuuuhh.