"The inner mechinations of my mind are an enigma" - Patrick Star

Its aalliiiveee

I've decided to start doodling again because I have alot of free time right now. Why did i stop blogging? Well. I was in med school. I was busy. Had a lot of studying, running around and catch up sleep to do. But I finished med school already and am now just waiting for graduation.

A few things, I've gone through my blog and deleted a lot of nonsense I used to post. Was I always that annoying? (No please don't answer that you'll just make me sad). Anyway, as always, I doodle for fun and to reduce stress. Not for money or anything else. Purely for me. I dont draw often, only when I feel inspired to do so. I take requests from friends sometimes, just to make them smile cos Im lovely that way (this is a blatant lie).

I wanted to start a completely new blog but I sayang my old comics, I dont have any backup. They were all in my old laptop but it got stolen. Yep. Stolen. I've retained my old comics and you can peruse through them if you feel like it, it's under the tabs "Comic".

Okay. Thats it. See ya pals.