"The inner mechinations of my mind are an enigma" - Patrick Star

Happy Nude Year. Time to start blogging again.

I'm going to start blogging again and I'm going to start drawing a lil something each and everyday to help me feel positive, since drawing calms me down and helps me forget about life's problems for a lil bit. I got the idea from this book I saw at Borders. It was a small book, and in every page there is a drawing of sweet things or quotes about being happy. I like that. I like the idea of finding something sweet and positive in each day. Since its the new year, its a good time to start doing new things, improving yourself for the better and just change your outlook on life. 2013 was not a good year for me so I want 2014 to be different. So far 2014 started out a little shaky. Despite my hardest ability at trying to.. cope?.. I still fumble and stumble. I don't like it. I feel confused and slightly angry, but I'm improving and getting better. What can I say, I've never faced this kind of problem before, so I don't really know what to do to help myself.

But, I digress..

Here is the doodle I made yesterday for the new year:

And this is the doodle I made today:

Explanation: I ate Famous Amos cookies for lunch. They were lovely and satisfying :)

Here's hoping I won't be a butthead and lose interest in this lil project.