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Parents here in Medan :D Tadi pegi Matahari kt Palladium. Argued with mum about this overpriced gray top that she wanted me to buy to wear to the PM USU dinner thing. Then pegi carik clothes for my niece and 2 nephews. This is where things got funny :D some of the funnay ass tshirts there. Keep in mind these are children's shirts.

Gambar Red Indians. Cheeseburger. What..?

 Is it just me..or does this look like a lesbian child shirt? Mybe they meant i am a lovely girl..? The other shirt said "Love Whats On The Inside" with a pict of a nerdy owl on it.

 A monkey in a garbage can. 

With the words I love trash. Sapa nak bagi anak dia pakai ni? XP

Okay, nama brand dia memang Hipo. But i dunno this tshirt seems funny. sexay hipo.

but the most epic t-shirt of all time is;

and my mom bought it, in red, for my boobie-loving nephew. I wonder how my sis will react.

Yes, I have a 3 year old boobies-loving nephew.