"The inner mechinations of my mind are an enigma" - Patrick Star

Demons. All of you.

You know how there are some people who like to post lovey stuff as their fb statuses? I dont mind really, a lot of of my friends do that, that's okay. But there is this one particular girl whom I don't really know (note: dont really know means, I NEVER talk to her, maybe once, just a brief intro, then I never saw her again. Not any of my good friends, or even any of my seniors, okay? no spreading lies please) she spews out the cheesiest of the cheesiest lines ever! >.< I read a few this morning, and I instantly laughed out loud, like where does she come up with these things?!

I enjoy the odd love quotes now and then, but hers is ridiculous. I want to post them here, but that would make me a monkeypigcreature and i dont want to be one. monkeypigcreatures are not cool.

Im the type to laugh at superduper loveydovey stuff. The most romantic thing i've said was...... ........ .......... ..... ....... wow, okay i dont know. Im a stone hearted monster.

this came up from my fesbuk. A glitch, but I laughed like a hyena anyway when I saw it.

1010 notifications. wahahahhaha.

oh, here's a comic about ... me being angry again.


(im lame i dont know how to draw a skull with a mouse so i stole this from google images.)


oh, at the risk of offending suphon, i wont draw a comic of him. he said, to draw a comic about his awesomeness and his coolness. but i will say that he is as cool and as awesome as this guy;

exams in a few weeks yaaaww! truth be told, i am bored with the internet, i dont go on as often as i do. i only go on if i wanna dl more episodes of one piece.

and yes all i do all day is watch one piece on my laptop.