"The inner mechinations of my mind are an enigma" - Patrick Star

You're toxic, I'm slippin' under

Been listening to a lot of ol skool britney. Crazy, toxic..yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!! SE MA NGAT!


as promised, a comic..buuuttt.i tak larat nak wat banyak2. this'll have to do for awhile.

 haha this was a last minute addition. Just poking fun at my smoker friends.

and oh ya,

btw, i actually do have yahoo messenger. i just dont tell people. i dont use my yahoo much. but now i use that email for my tumblr. heyyys if nak borak dgn saya addlah, blooberried@yahoo.com. and for messenger, im online msn ALL THE TIME, cept i appear off. why? cos i tanak cakap ngan orang lah. buuut now you know, if you want to talk to me on msn, there you go, just tegur. i.A i akan balas balik, wokay?

and, skype. sigh whythefrog do i have so much of this crap. anyway, skype, yeah, i dont go on that much, usually on the weekends cos i nak borak dengan my besties and my sister. so.mm yah add me on skype oso, pharhana.phauzi.

snail mail..yeah..alamat, tengah2 sawah kat medan. yup.

i've disabled my formspring. can still ask me crap on my tumblr, they have that asking thingy. so yah..

apa lagi promote..nahh thats all. fesbuk, biasala tuh, takkan orang yg baca ni tak add aku lagi kat fb?