"The inner mechinations of my mind are an enigma" - Patrick Star


when things you want just doesnt come to fruition, you start blaming others, you start to see the dark side, and you start to buat perangai.

comic. cos im bored, and feel tired. tadi dalam angkut smthg like ths happened, but not to me, but to the girl sitting next to me. I love it when the strange old lady starts to talk to her bout WHATEVER IT WAS, she gave me the "wtf is going on" look. i gave her the "dude i dunoh ur in this alone" face.

i wish i could do this. but im too nice.

did i misspell anything? ya Allah, saya betul2 nak wacom. boleh la saya lukis macam2 tanpa menyakitkan jiwa memakai paint!

masalah kewangan skrg nie, esok insyaAllah uncle azmi will come to the rescue! haha. damyu atm niaga. damyu all d way to hell.

I CANT WAIT FOR SUNDAY. I NEED TO UNWIND. siyes saya rindu lepak dengan teman2. TEMAN2 JOM LA LEPAK MANA2. considering how high strung i am lately, i really want to go eat somewhere where i can eat sampai tak ingat bumi (tapi tanak la mahal2). any ideas?

tp i will probably sleep my sunday away. oh ya and my farmako makalah. bahhhhhh